AHSEC HS Blueprint 2024, Assam 12th Exam Pattern 2024 AHSEC HS Marking Scheme 2024

Assam HS Exam Marking Scheme 2024 AHSEC 12th Blueprint 2024 Assam HS Exam Marking Scheme 2024 The Assam Higher Secondary Education Council distributes the Assam HS test Marking Scheme. Class 12th board tests are according to this AHSEC HS Final. Test Pattern of AHSEC 12th are according to a ultimate conclusion of the AHSEC board and are distributed on the authority site of the state board www.ahsec.nic.in. The Assam Higher Secondary Exam Pattern 2024 will likewise be reported on www.ahsec.nic.in. AHSEC class 12th understudies can take note of the total AHSEC 2nd Year Marking Scheme 2024 from this page and even download a pdf document from this page from underneath.

AHSEC HS Exam Blueprint 2024 The AHSEC Higher Secondary Education Council discharges AHSEC HS Blueprint for the year 2024. The state Board of AHSEC is exclusively answerable for giving Blueprints, giving of and beneficial tests and HS assessments for the year 2024. According to the HS board’s ultimate conclusion, the Blueprints will be distributed on the authority site of AHSEC State Board www.ahsec.nic.in. AHSEC HS Blueprint 2024 updates There are no reports on leading the AHSEC HS tests. On the off chance that authorities update the tests’ conduction’s information, we will refresh our article with the most recent test Exam Pattern. Stay Tuned,

How to down load the AHSEC Higher Secondary Twelfth Class Exam Pattern 2021 The AHSEC country board’s better authorities have launched the Exam Pattern for HS examinations on the reliable website. Students can follow the under-mentioned steps to download the AHSEC HS Examination Exam Pattern in PDF format to refer to in the course of AHSEC HS examinations 2021. Step 1, Visit the legit internet site of Government Board Examinations of AHSEC, www.ahsec.nic.in. Step 2, From the house web page, click on at the Quick hyperlinks so you’ll be redirected to the page that suggests the Exam Pattern in a PDF format. Step 3, Click on the down load alternative. Step four, Save a PDF document of the AHSEC HS Exams Exam Pattern or schedule in your tool that can be stated even whilst you’re offline.

AHSEC Blueprint 2024 for science stream

Sl. no.TopicVSASALATotal
1a) Relations & Functions1(1)4(1) 10(4)
 b) Inverse Trigonometric Functions1(1)4(1)  
2a) Matrices1(1) 6(1)13(5)
 b) Determinants2(2)4(1)  
3a) Continuity & Differentiability1(1)8(2) 44(11)
 b)Applications of Derivatives1(1) 6(1) 
 c)Integration 8(2)6(1) 
 d)Application of Integrals  6(1) 
 e)Differential Equations  6(1) 
4a)Vectors1(1)4(1) 17(6)
 b)3-Dimensional Geometry2(2)4(1)6(1) 
5Linear Programming  6(1)6(1)
6Probability 4(1)6(1)10(2)
Sl. no.TopicVSASA-ISA-IILATotal
1Electrostatics 2(1)6(2) 8(3)
2Current Electricity 4(2)3(1) 7(3)
3Magnetic effect of current & induction1(1)2(1) 5(1)8(3)
4Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current2(2) 6(2) 8(4)
5Electromagnetic Waves1(1)2(1)  3(2)
7Dual Nature of Matter 4(2)  4(2)
8Atom and Nuclei1(1)2(1)3(1) 6(3)
9Electronic Devices2(2)  5(1)7(3)
10Communication System 2(1)3(1) 5(2)
Sl. no.TopicVSASA-ISA-IILATotal
1Solid State 4(2)  4(2)
2Solutions 2(1)3(1) 5(2)
3Electrochemistry 2(1)3(1) 5(2)
4Chemical Kinetics   5(1)5(1)
5Surface Chemistry1(1)   4(2)
6General Principal & Processes of Isolation of Elements    3(1)
7p-Block elements  3(1)5(1)8(2)
8d & f block elements 2(1)3(1) 5(2)
9Co-ordination Compounds1(1)2(1)  3(2)
10Haloalkanes and Haloarenes    4(2)
11Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers1(1) 3(1) 4(2)
12Aldehydes, Ketons & Carboxylic Acids1(1)  5(1)6(2)
13Organic Compound containing Nitrogen1(1) 3(1) 4(2)
14Biomolecues1(1) 3(1) 4(2)
15Polymers1(1)2(1)  3(2)
16Chemistry in everyday life1(1)2(1)  3(2)